Segmented Arch Double Doors

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Meranti Mahogany

Featuring Meranti Mahogany solid engineered units. These units are available in 5'0", 5'4", and 6'0" widths and come with matching jamb and trim sets. You can enhance these doors with glass from our Old World selection of textured glass or restoration window glass as well as decorative wrought iron grills! By the way, the grain patterns in Nyatoh can be compared to African Sapele mahogany with its ribboning and unique deep luminescence.

8' Eyebrow Panel

Prod ID# ADN 6080 SAEP

8' Eyebrow Open Panel


8' 9 TDL Over 1 Panel Arch Bar

Prod ID# ADN SA901A

8' 6 TDL Over 1 Panel Arch Bar

Prod ID# ADN 6080 SA601A

8' 6 TDL Over 1 Panel (Straight Bar)

Prod ID# ADN 6080 SA6TDL01